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Cameroon: atleast two killed as separatists gorge Bamenda road

At least two persons are said to have been killed last night in Bamenda, North West region of Cameroon in an attack on inter-urban transport buses by heavily-armed men on Saturday night, sources have confirmed.

The men succumbed to bullet wounds during the attack on Saturday September 8 in Akum. 36-year old Nfoingwe Timothy was shot to death in his RAV4 ( CE244 number plate) vehicle.  The gang also shot to death a driver of an Amour Mezam bus, military sources said.

The attack occured at about 10pm local time when the armed men affiliated to pro-independence groups first attacked the base of a road construction company in Akum, a locality situated at the entrance to Bamenda, seizing an excavator, sources confirm.

The men later used the “BURNS” excavator to dig a gorge on the road cutting off the region from the rest of the country.

This created a heavy traffic on the road as all night buses could not cross over and were forced to stop as a result. The armed men then took control of all the vehicles that lined up the road, seizing and destroying identification cards of all passengers, a source said.

The men later used the excavator to destroy atleast four 70-seater buses belonging to the Amour Mezam travelling agency and one Moghamo travel agency bus, sources said.

The excavator was later set ablaze by the men before taking off to the bushes when the military finally arrived at the scene. The stranded passengers were escorted back to Bamenda by the military while works have been immediately launched in the gorged section of the road to enable transport activities return to normal.



Published on 28.04.2020

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