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Cameroon: Authorities install surveillance measures to combat monkey pox

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Authorities in the East Region of Cameroon have put the population on alert following the discovery of a case of monkey pox in Ayos on January 9.

A  release signed by the Regional Delegate of Public Health for the East Region, Dr Anicet Désiré Mintop, calls for a health watch in all the health districts i the East Region, notably in Abong Mbang, Nguelmendouka and Messamena.

According to the release, the above mentioned health centres should be on serious alert because they are closer to the area where the monkey pox case was detected.

He urged head of helth centres to strict enforce the supersion of measures taken and produce a report on a daily basis.

The East Regional delegation of Fisheries and Animal Husbandry has equally sounded othe warning bells stressing a risking of monkey pox in the region given its location.

The Regional Delegate, Jacques Teerenstra Djomika called on all his personnel and veterinary centres to double efforts in suorveillance especially on animals.

« Some tools have been put a tour disposal for proper surveillance. We are putting in place an information centre to collect data emanating from the field so that we can better improve on surveillance and control, » the Regional Delegate said.

Experts say monkey pox is transmitted to humans through animals and children are the most vulnerable.

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