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Cameroon: Ayaba Cho hits back at Agbor Balla over federation stance

The leader of the separatist movement, the Anglophone Governing Council, Ayaba Cho has hit out at Agbor Balla for maintaining on stance on a two-state federation as the solution to the crisis in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon.

Agbor Balla came out on Tuesday to reiterate his stance on a two-state federation espite being part of the Decentralisation Committee that proposed the Special Status as a solution to the crisis in the North West and South West Regions.

His outing as not gone down well with a section of separatist activists who have accused him of being inconsistent.

One of such criticisms has come from Ayaba Cho who insists there has never been a two-state federation in Cameroon.

“There has never been a two-state federation. On September 1, 1961, Cameroun transformed its constitution into La Constitution Federal and imposed it on Ambazonia. Our people were neither consulted nor was it ratified by our parliament,”Ayaba Cho said.

“You cannot thus return to what never existed. Ambazonia is independent and we have never held that independence in abeyance to its usurpation by an alien political system and never again to coexisting with any genocidal regime. Rise up like millions have done to defend that independence. You can not be so intellectually dishonest and equally chicken-hearted to continuously beg your oppressor to live under their dominion.

He went on to stress that separatists will resist any position which goes against their desire to see through their separatist agenda.

“I continue to warn all those who peddle these subjective positions which are in conflict with the desired aspirations of our people. We will resist them as we have been doing for more than 30 years and we as a people desired to be free from tyranny and genocide shall prevail”

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