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Cameroon: Ayah Abine questioned at SED for ‘financing terrorism’

The head of the Ayah Humanitarian Foundation, Ayah Ayah Abine, has been questioned by the National Gendarmerie on allegations of financing terrorism.

Ayah Ayah Abine will be at the gendarmerie headquarters today where interrogations continue after spending over four hours there yesterday.

The head of the Ayah humanitarian foundation later revealed a group of persons headed by repented Ambazonia activist Dr Success Nkongho had filed a complaint at the National Gendarmerie accusing Ayah Ayah of financing terrorism.

It should be recalled that Ayah Ayah Abine revealed on December 7 that he had filed a complaint against Success Nkongho, journalist Ernest Obama, activist Frankline Njume, Vision 4, Anecdote newspaper and MKPD platform for defamation.

However Ayah said the complaint had long disappeared within the confines of the gendarmerie and he has since had no return.

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