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Cameroon: Ayah Paul enters appearance to defend Kamto, Ambazonia leaders

Ayah Paul Abine ©All rights reserved

Cameroon’s retired judge cum lawyer Ayah Paul Abine has released a publice statement in which he has decided to enter appearance in the defense counsel for Professor Maurice Kamto as well as the Ambazonia leaders and 37 others returned to Cameroon.

In a Facebook post on February 1, Ayah Paul says he is notifuing the Yaounde Military Tribunal with his memorandum of appearance.

Ayah Paul wrote: ““ Be it made known to the Yaounde Military court and to all interested parties that Ayah Paul Abine, Barrister/Solicitor/natory public, shall enter appearance for defence  in every proceeding/ process against  and/ or relative to Ayuk Tabe and others; to Maurice Kamto alone or with  another or others ; and  to the 37 (thirty seven) persons forcibly returned  to Cameroun by the government of the Federal Republic  of Nigeria; to defend/ or  represent the accused  as by law allowed. wherefore this memorandum of appearance has been issued under my hand at Buea, this Friday 1st February, 2019”.

The case against the Ambazonia leaders resume on February 7 at the Yaounde Military Tribunal with lawyers expected to prove their nationalities and refugee status.


Published on 28.04.2020

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