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Cameroon/Bamenda: Making good use of ‘Ghost Towns’

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Some inhabitants of the restive North West Region are using the ghost  town as an opportunity to mobilise community efforts to tackle some underdevelopment challenges in that part of the country.

The ghost town was instituted in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon at the end of 2016 by the disbanded Anglophone Civil Society Consortium as a means of civil disobedience during the genesis of the ongoing crisis in that part of the country.

Since the crisis morphed into an armed conflict in 2017, the traditional Monday ghost towns have equally been respected in several communities as inhabitants stay home, some for fear of reprisals.

The Monday ghost towns have gradually become a way of life for inhabitants of these two regions but some are now making good use of the day.

It is the case with the Mulang of the North West region which has decided to put this ghost town in to use by constructing a bridge in their community.

The bridge constructed to the tune of FCFA 4 million, is a project entirely conceived and financed by the community after seeking assistance from the government to no avail.

This bridge was entirely constructed with the mobilization of the community on ghost town days.

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