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Cameroon: Bamenda residents protest against “Amba atrocities” following murder of businessman

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The population in Bamenda, chief town of the restive North West region of Cameroon Monday May 31 took to the streets to protest against what they termed growing atrocities reportedly committed by separatists fighting for a separate State of Ambazonia for over four years now following the killing of a businessman.


One death too many! This is what must have transpired in the minds of the angry population of Mbefi, a locality in Nkwen, Bamenda III subdivision who defied the traditional Monday ghost town imposed on them by separatist fighters.

They stormed the streets early Monday May 31 and marched to the palace of the Fon of Nkwen to voice their discontent over continues atrocities allegedly perpetrated by separatist fighters on innocent civilians.

The protest came after a renowned businessman was reportedly pulled out of his shop by suspected separatist fighters and shot.

The victim will later on succumb to the gunshot at the Bamenda regional hospital.

The two English speaking regions have been the theatre of confrontations between the military and separatist fighters for over four years now in what has been termed the Anglophone crisis.

The crisis went violent after the suppression of protests in the regions in late 2016.

Thousands of lives have been lost, families have been separated as many were forced to flee their homes for security purposes, and infrastructures reduced to ashes by suspected separatist fighters among others.

Despite the holding of the Major National Dialogue in late 2019 which culminated among others in the granting of a special status to the two English-speaking regions though yet to be effective, the crisis keeps escalating with separatist fighters allegedly committing more atrocities.



Published on 10.02.2021

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