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Cameroon: Banen People Back On Their Land

It is within a process of resettlement due to the displacement of the population of about fifty villages during the so-called maquis period.

The Banen population of the Littoral region left their lands at the end of the 1950s. A period which historians consider this period to be that of the ‘maquis’.

They were leaving their territory to another where they would find shelter, calm and security. The fate of a population then estimated by that period at 10,000 people turned upside down.

But today, they are returning home. It started on Saturday May 13 in Ndogbiakat.

“After being broken out during the war of the maquis, these populations had access to limited portions of land. We are fighting today for the populations to return to their homes” informs the executive president of the Ebo Forest development committee, Samuel Dieudonne Moth.

There were many of them, coming from different backgrounds, Njombe-Penja, PK30, Bonepoupa from Moufon Indikeboum, Bikong and Malibot among others who started the resettlement process.

And that is partly thanks to the actions of the Ebo Forest Development Committee. The latter succeeded in bringing in a logger who took charge of the tracing of around 40km, of which 30km have already been completed.

An event which saw the presence of the Senior divisional office of the Nkam division, Che Patrick Ngwashi and his counterpart of the Sanaga Maritime, Cyrille Yvan Abondo.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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