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Cameroon: Bar Council demands release of detained lawyers

Bar President, Clair Atangana Bakouna (c) copyright

The Cameroon Bar Council has called for the release of detained Barrister Tamfu Richard and colleague arrested after the violence observed between lawyers and forces of law and order at the Court of First Instance in Bonanjo, in Douala recently.

The call was made during an outing Thursday November 19 in Yaounde by Bar Council President, Clair Atangana Bikouna.

Speaking to journalists, one of the Bar Association members condemned the “arbitrary” arrest and detention of his colleagues and said it is unacceptable.

He indicated that following the teargasing of some lawyers by forces of law and order in a court room on November 10, the Bar Association wasn’t expecting those present during the clashes will be arrested.

“It is said when the house is on flames, you do not rekindle the glowing splint. What happened in Douala two days ago is in short rekindling glowing splint when the house is on flames…” He explained.

The house went on flames when our colleagues were arrested, teargased, beaten up in a court room despite the guarantee they gave…Justice was mute. We take cognisance of the resolutions of the Bar Council, we went in for moderation…The lawyer added.

While reminding that the teargasing case is pending before the court, the Barrister urged judicial authorities to release the detained lawyers.

Sources say one of them, human rights Barrister Tamfu Richard has been transferred before the State Counsel in Bonanjo, Douala where he will either be released on bail or remanded in custody for investigation to continue.



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