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Cameroon basketball championship: Female finalist known

Basketball national championship
Oversdose playing in Bafoussam against Ecole de Basket

Four teams have already booked their tickets for the female basketball last four tournaments after the third grouping in Bafoussam.

Last weekend was an interesting one for many basketball ball lovers. It marked the third grouping of the season with high stakes as teams were in a race to book qualification tickets for the last part of the championship, the final four.

For two days, the different teams coming from across the country displayed a lot of excitement and leisure to the population of Bafoussam.

At the end of the two tense playing days at the multipurpose sports complex of the town, four teams on the women’s side qualified for the last tournament called final four tournament. The are, University of Douala basketball club, Overdose basketball club, FAP Basketball club and Ornyx basketball club are those who stand a chance to emerge final victors of the competition as they made it through to their different performances.

During the sixth and seventh playing days in the West region, University of Douala overpowered United ladies 63 to 45 while FAP over Ornyx 60 to 47. On the other side, Overdose won Ecole de Basketball 83 to 48 and AS Keep thrashed Volcanic women 98-39.

While on the men’s side, there is still some suspense. But, it concerns only two places as FAP men basketball and Le Nkam basketball have already qualified for the men’s final four tournament.

Those who still have all their chances are mainly Ecole de basketball and BEAC basketball.

With what concerns last week-end’s results, Ornyx took over Fire Birds with 73 shots against 55 while Ecole de basket came over BEAC 57-56 and University of Douala slashed Nzuimanto 54-56.

Teams are now getting set for the championsip’s last grouping of the season which is said to take place at Douala.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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