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Cameroon-Basketball: FAP finally bows against Cape Town Tigers

It was during the last minutes of the match played within the frame of the Nile conference that the team was overpowered by their South Africans opponent with a score of 70 points against 73.

A tough and suspenseful game. Thus can be described the basketball match between the Cameroonians of FAP and the South Africans of Cape Town Tigers yesterday, April 13, 2022 in Egypt. Both teams put on a real show for Basketball lovers. And it could have ended with an equal score.

But in the money time, that is less than 10 seconds from the end of the game, Evans Ganapamo of Cape Town Tigers was able to draw a last minute energy to place a 3 points ball, thus nailing the Armed Forces and Police of Cameroon. At the finish, the board showed a score of 70-73. Throughout the game, Ganapamo disturbed alot the defense of FAP; no wonder he finished the match with the MVP title.

Nile conference

Evans Ganapamo

It is a FAP team that comes out of the game with lots of regrets. The Yaounde team throughout the match mainly failed both offensively and defensively. The defensive solidity usually recognized to FAP has probably not been recovered after the victory last weekend against the Congolese of BC Espoir Fukash during their first outing during this competition (the Nile Conference).

For Elango Njombo, a basketball observer, “the loss of balls and it has become almost a habit at FAP with a poor management of the last balls characterises the team. It is also true that we had a highly disputed match between two teams that have the same level but, I think that FAP was less decisive.”

However, nothing is lost for Cameroon’s representatives at the Nile Conference. Their next game is scheduled for next Monday against the Angolan team of Atlético Petróleos de Luanda. And to secure a win, Elango Njombo thinks, “players will have to work on self-confidence.”

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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