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Cameroon: B’da Gov’t Delegate kneels in public, begs population to sue for peace

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The Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council, Vincent Ndumu Nji has humbly pleaded with the population of the North West and South West regions to stop carrying out atrocities on their brothers and work toward a return to normalcy.

Speaking at the installation ceremony of the newly appointed Senior Divisional Officer for the Mezam Division, Vincen Ndumu went on his knees and begged the population, especially the separatist fighters to sue for peace.

“I go on my knees and I beg on the population, our brothers from the North West and South West, we have killed our own children, we have suffered, we have deprived our children from going to school, we have burnt many houses. What so ever be the issue, let’s think about ourselves as human beings” Vincent Ndumu said in Pidgin English.

In a bid to encourage the population to reason with him, Vincent Ndumu made a flashback on the atmosphere that prevailed in the region before the crisis.

“Remember what we used to do three years ago, here in the North West. Our children used to remove sand from Wum and feed their families, some were involved in trading…Today the case is different. It has become impossible for one to get to Ndop, Bambui, Fundong, Nkambe…”

The time has come for us to put God in our hearts and forget about all these problems, the Government will solve the problems, even if they don’t solve all, it is not enough reasons for us to kill ourselves, kill human beings as though they were cows en route for the slaughter house…” Vincent Ndumu continued.

Since the escallation of the Anglophone crisis, attrocities have been committed especially on the population of the North West region of Cameroon.



Published on 03.01.2023

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