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Cameroon: Body of 9 year old found in shop of Malian national in Littoral region

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The lifeless body of a nine-year old girl has been discovered in an advanced state of decomposition in the shop of a Malian national in the Komondo neighbourhood in Douala, Littoral region of Cameroon, reports have confirmed.

The victim identified as Cynthia, family sources say went missing Tuesday November 26, 2019.

Unfortunately for them, her body was later found in the shop of a Malian National who is on the run in an advanced state of decomposition.

It is alleged he kidnapped the child, raped and killed her, then covered her body with clothes he was given to clean.

Reports from the littoral region say it was the smell brought about by the state of the child’s lifeless body that induced locals to go on a search that led them to the macabre discovery.

The incident reportedly pulled out a huge crowd that was dispersed by tear gas fired by the police who got to the scene.

When they left, the angry population reportedly bashed into the man’s shop and burnt all the clothes found in there.

Sources say since then, there have been tension at the Douala Central market as some youths have engaged in a move to chase away Malian businessmen, accusing them of committing several atrocities in the region.

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