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Cameroon: Cabral Libii calls for release of September 22, 2020 MRC protesters

Cabral Libii, MP, national President, PCRN

The national President of the Cameroonian Party for National Reconciliation, PCRN has pushed for the release of Pro Kamto supporters arrested following the September 22, 2020 nationwide protest organized by the Cameroon Renaissance Movement to demand the departure of President Paul Biya.

In a tweet posted some hours ago, the Member of Parliament says he joins his voice to that of politician Hilaire Kamga to demand the release of pro Kamto supporters including spokesperson Bibou Nissack and Alain Fogue.

“It’s high time we put post-electoral turmoil behind us. Like is said at the launch of the Major National Dialogue, in the move to reconciliation, let’s answer the call of the future…” He said in the tweet.

Olivier Bibou Nissack nd Alain Fogue Tedom, big wigs of the CRM party and other supporters were arrested in September during the nationwide protest organized by the party to ask for the departure of President Paul Biya and his regime and oppose the holding of regional elections.

Sources say out of the about 500 CRM supporters arrested, about 130 are still in detention among which 20 have been charged with attempted revolution, rebellion and unauthorized gathering according to the CRM.

Last January, the Court of appeal rejected a conditional release appeal filed by lawyers of the party.

It is worth mentioning that following that protest, the national President of the party, Prof Maurice Kamto was detained in his house for months.

After is house arrest, government spokesman, Rene Emmanuel Sadi said in a press release that all those arrested would face the law.


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