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Cameroon: Cabral Libii holds late night campaign rally in Edea

The leader of the Cameroon Party for National Reconciliation, Cabral Libii took his campaign trail late into the night to Edea on Saturday, January 25 to talk to potential voters.

He went to Edea I municipality to campaign launch the party’s acampaigns and present their candidates for the February 9 polls.

He stressed that the party is built on trust and accountability and called on the population of Edea to turn out massively on February 9 to cast their ballots for them.

“We pride ourselves in accountability and I can assure you if one of my candidates wins, I will be the first to ensure he is accountable to you all here,” Cabral Libii told the crowd present.

Cabral Libii who said he will be proud to use the Edea I municipality as a reference for a job well done by his party during future elections, thus pleaded with the electorate to join hands to build the municipality by voting for the CPNR.

“It is only through hardwork and results that you can judge our work so I plead you give us the mandate to transform this municipality and judge us from the results we will produce,” he said.

He called on the population to shun hate speech, and only vote candidates based on the projects they must have presented and not be let carried away by what he describes as apostles of doom.

To that effect, he called on all the party’s candidates in the Sanga Maritime Division to be prepared to convinced the electorate within the next fifteen days with feasible and doable projects.

Cabral Libii’s who is vying for a parliamentary seat in the Nyong and Kelle division has scheduled a series of rallies in Mayo Tsanaga, Benue, Mbere, Mefou and Afamba and Wouri in the days ahead, all to boost his party’s chances of winning seats and councils.

Published on 05.05.2023

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