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Cameroon: Cabral Libii’s party condemns police ‘assault’ on MP, Nourane Foster

Hon. Nourane Foster (c) copyright


The Cameroonian Party for National Reconciliation of opposition leader Cabral Libii has asked for an investigation to be opened into a near scuffle between police officers and one of its members, lawmaker Nourane Foster that went viral Tuesday July 20 and possible sanctions applied.


In a statement issued few hours after the video showing a police officer scolding Honorable Nourane Foster in her car and asking her to climb down before pouring insults on her for having attempted to bypass a barricaded road in Bafoussam, the party says the law enforcement officer ought to have exercised restraint.

It indicates that the police officer lost control before a woman and doubts if he would have done same if it were a man and points out that he had a gun, meaning things could have gone from bad to worse.

The party acknowledges that members of parliament are not above laws but incarnate a constitutional institution and thus ought to be respected.

Condemning the violence meted on its member, the party calls for responsibilities to be established.

Honorable Nourane Foster, one of the youngest members of the current legislature at the National Assembly was reportedly on her way to Foumban through Bafoussam in the West region.

The northern exit from the city of Bafoussam which leads to Foumban was blocked as the Governor of the West Region, Awa Fonka Augustine joined Muslim faithful to commemorate the feast of the Sacrifice.

The young politician did not wish to take the deviation road provided by security forces and it all ended in a near scuffle.

Opinions on the incident have been varied, with some condemning the assault on the MP and others indicating she abused her authority.


Published on 05.05.2023

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