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Cameroon: Calm returns to Douala after youths go vandalising at Central Market

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Calm is said to have returned to New Bell, a neighbourhood in Cameroon’s economic capital Douala, after some angry youths of the Nkomondo neighbourhood went vandalising some Malian shops at the Central Market Monday December 2 in response to the killing of a nine-year old girl by a Malian national.

According to reports from the region, forces of law and order had to make use of tear gas to disperse the angry youths who were bent on destroying shops belonging to Malian nationals at the Douala Central market as well as at the Nkomondo neighbourhood.

On Monday December 2, 2019, the lifeless body of a nine-year old girl was found in the shop of a Malian national involved in the business of laundry at the Nkomondo neighbourhood.

Sources say the Malian national who is still on the run must have kidnapped the child, raped and then killed her before covering her body in his shop.

This discovery angered the youths of the area who decided to chase away all Malian businessmen, accusing them of committing several other atrocities.

Reports say about 20 machetes were seized from the angry youths by the forces of law and order.

Published on 28.04.2020

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