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Cameroon: Camair-Co reacts to plane attack by suspected Amba fighters

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Authorities of the Cameroon Airlines Corporation, Camair-Co have issued a communique confirming its MA60 aircraft, registered TJ-QDB, was shot at with firearms as it approached the Bamenda airport for landing.

Going by the communique, no loss in human life was recorded, and neither did the passengers on board in cure any injury, though many were reportedly left in panic.

Camair-Co authorities say despite the impact of the attack the plane’s fuselage, it managed to land successfully, thanks to the bravery of the captain.

Following this incident, the communique states that, “the plane has been grounded in order to assess the nature of the impact in consultation with the relevant technical authorities” and, “consequently, Camair-Co’s flight schedule has been re-organised to limit any disruption that may result”.

Early Sunday morning, suspected separatists reportedly opened fire on one of Camair-co’s aircraft in Bafut, Mezam Division of the North West region of Cameroon. The plane was about landing at the Bamenda Airport.


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