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Cameroon: Camasej Celebrates World Press Freedom Day


The Yaounde chapter of the Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists , CAMASEJ has commemorated the 2022 world Press freedom day with special focus on aspiring journalists.


This year’s commemoration held on the theme” Journalism Under Digital Seige”.Journalist from various media outlets gathered at the Guardian Post news paper office to share entising experiences and challenges of the profession and to educate future journalists on the realities of the profession they have choosen.

This sitting was Coordinated by Camasej National president Viban Jude, and the Yaounde chapter President Ndi Eugene. The audience was mostly made up of aspiring journalists from Siantou Higher Institute.
In the opening speech, Ndi Eugene called on authorities to facilitate access to information for the journalists and questioned the press right in the country . ”We call on the government to ease access to information. Also journalists live in fear as their rights and security are always threatened, especially in conflict zones like the north west and south west regions. It is also  an opportunity to applaud colleagues who despite all odds still put in their best in reporting facts. Press freedom in Cameroon is becomig more of a myth as years goes by”
Camasej used this opportunity to announce the launching of its  Assistance Fund in case of Emergency. An initiative which was has been implemented nation wide and aims at helping journalists in though situations such as health issues, legal persecutions, detention or those on exile.
Its coordinator Francis  Ajumane explains only registered members will be eligible to benefit from this emergency fund. A means used in preserving the dignity of the journalist.



Senior Journalists  schooled  the younger ones on the canons and ethics of the profession. A panel of Journalist  held a talk under the them ” journalism under Surveillance” and had as moderator   Amindeh Blaise ,  freelance Journalist and winner of  internaional prizes as a reporter.
This session enabled a swift reminder to what exactly journalism should look like, reporting facts and nothing but facts.
In as much as Camasej had a well  elaborated program to honor the day, the Europen Union evenutally applauds the efforts of journalists acknowledging a number of them are killed daily , especially with the most recent on going crisis between Russia and Ukrain.

The EU published a document on this day May 3rd  saying that World Press Freedom Day is celebrated, and brave journalists, camera crews, reporters, photographers and bloggers are risking their lives to keep us informed about Russian Ukrain conflict.

Detaining, abducting or kidnapping and targeting journalists and civil society actors to prevent the world from hearing the truth is what reporters face currently.

 According to the Council of Europe platform for the protection of journalism and safety of journalists, already 10 Ukrainian and international media workers were killed and many others were wounded.

Safety of journalists is a EU priority. The EU is providing emergency support to media outlets and journalists covering the war in Ukraine, including psychological support, helmets and other protective equipment, as well as financing to cover salaries.

Acknowledged efforts made by the EU which Cameroon journalists go through similar situations and on this day demand for protection from authorities and not percecution. Freedom of press , a plea which Cameeroon is yet to embrace, despite the media proliferation in the country.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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