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Cameroon: CAMASEJ Douala Ignites World Press day Celebration


Members  of the Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalist, CAMASEJ, Douala chapter, have launched actvities to commemorate this year’s World Press Day with sports walk.


The three-hours exercise, which saw the participation of other partners like VENTA S.A was attended by more than 50 members of the chapter, under the leadership of its president, Ndih Maureen.

In her remarks, Ndi Maureen said ” it is important for journalist who spend a lot of time in newsrooms writing stories to find time to relax” she added that ” sports is on of the ways through which one can cut out on accumulated stress”.

The walk was punctuated with two stops of pysical fitness exercises supervised by professional fitness instructors. Scores of participants were made to cover kolimeters on foot from Rond point Deido going through Feu Rouge Bessengue, through the Omnisport Staduim in Bepanda neigborhood, spanning across camtel through Sic Cacao to the national  swimming federation of Cite Sic. Here, members were treated to swimming  and body fitness exercise in the gynasuim.

To some of the participants , it  was the first time to take part in such physical activities . However, others said it helps in regulating their blood pressure.

Aside sporting activites, to commemorate the World Press  Freedom Day, members of CAMASEJ Douala have planned to organise seminars fro capacity building, free medical checkups and visits to some institutions such as  Eneo in the economic capital. The WPFD shall be celebrated next month under the theme ” Journalism under Surveillance”.

Source: GP

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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