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Cameroon: Can Paul Biya stop the Ambazonia war of independence today?

President Biya (c) All rights reserved

The Head of State Paul Biya will today address the nation at 8pm in one of the rare occasions he has talked to the nation out of the traditional dates.

If speculations have been rife on what the Head of State will tell Cameroonians, one thing is certain, Paul Biya’s outing is motivated by the crisis in the North West and South West regions.

But what will he say about the crisis that he has not said?

While taking office for a new seven-year mandate last November, Paul Biya made it clear that Cameroon remains one and indivisible and he will not relent his efforts to keep the nation in tact- bad news for Ambazonia separatists.

He urged all those who have taken up arms against their fatherland to drop them and return to the Republic or face the wrath of the army.

With the Head of State firm on his stance and unending calls for dialogue, pundits hope Paul Biya is about to announce the long-awaited dialogue that could pave the way to resolving the crisis.

Others think hope he will grant general amnesty to all those arrested within the context of the crisis in the North west and South West regions as well as release all political prisoners of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement.

If he takes that step tonight, this could be paving the way to bring all stakeholders to the table for the long-awaited dialogue and a step to end the war that has claimed thousands of lives.

But as unpredictable as he is, only Paul Biya knows what he has reserved in the bag for Cameroonians and whether you like it or not, so-called Ambazonia separatists as well as Cameroonians will be watching him with keen interest tonight.

Is this an opportunity for Paul Biya to end the Ambazonia war of independence? Only time will tell.

Published on 03.01.2023

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