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Cameroon: Cargo of fake chloroquine tablets intercepted in SW region

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A cargo of fake chloroquine tablets reportedly manufactured in neighbouring Nigeria has been intercepted in a boat around Limbe, Fako Division of the South West region of Cameroon, reports have confirmed.

Sources say the cargo containing a huge consignment of fake chloroquine tablets and other drugs was intercepted by the Cameroonian army in one of its routine patrols to secure Cameroon’s maritime borders.

It is thanks to Dr Thompson Kingue, Director of the Limbe Regional Hospital who got to the scene after the cargo was intercepted that maritime security officials were able to determine that the chloroquine tablets were fake ones.

“Reading on the packages, I see that these are fake chloroquine tablets manufactured in Nigeria” the medic said.

According to sources, these fake chloroquine tablets alongside the other drugs seized were meant to be sold in Cameroon.

After it was announced that chloroquine could be used in the treatment against the dreaded Coronavirus pandemic that has killed many worldwide, some malicious people engaged themselves in the illegal traffic of this drug so as to put it on the market.

Reports say most at times, the tablets sold are fake.

Published on 28.04.2020

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