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Cassava prices skyrocket in Cameroon

The price of food crops are increasingly hiking in Cameroon, especially cassava which as one of the most consumed staples in the country, which used to sell for CFA500 now goes for CFA 1000 francs, APA can report in Douala on Tuesday.

The reasons behind the price hikes include the effects of climate change, making production more challenging coupled with the high cost of transport.

According to retailers encountered at the Douala Food Market, the price hikes are due to the fact that “now is not the cassava season”.

It has consequently become difficult to find “quality cassava” as people have to travel to the hinterland to purchase the produce despite the fact the roads are hardly motorable due to floodwaters resulting from heavy rains.

The rise in transport fares naturally led to an increase in the price of cassava.

“Travelling from Douala to Ndom (Littoral) where we can find good quality cassava, one must spend CFA 14,000 for a round trip. However, with the rains, transporters demand CFA 20,000 for a round trip” one seller said.

One of his colleagues spoke along similar lines adding: “It must be taken into account that with the rains, women grow less cassava which explains why the price of the produce doubles.”

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