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Cameroon: casualties increase as fighting intensify in North West region

The upsurge of violence in the North West region in the past week has led to several casualties with civilians now living in fear.

Bambili, in Tubah sub division of the North West region has been greatly hit by fighting between security forces and suspected armed separatist fighters.

Apart from the killing of an American missionary in Bambui on Tuesday October 30, a student of the University of Bamenda was equally caught by a stray bullet during the cross fire.

Gregory Sabara who is a final year student at the University of Bamenda is under intensive care as he battles between life and death.

The recent happenings in Bambili have forced residents to remain indoors and have taken a big hit on the University of Bamenda which has remained deserted as most students fear prefer to remain indoors.

Another area in the North West region that has been hardly hit by the fightings in Bali which is almost deserted as separatist battle with soldiers.

Several casualties have been recorded in recent weeks including civilians caught in the crossfire-a case in point is a tailor that was killed in Njenka on Monday evening.

In Nwa, several persons have been killed in the past days (very shocking images) while many residents accuse the military of burning their houses and property.



Published on 28.04.2020

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