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Cameroon : CDC to Produce , Process Cassava


The public company, which is experiencing structural and operational difficulties, is committed to diversifying its production. CDC plans to launch itself in the production and processing of cassava, but also the industrial production of palm, rubber, cocoa, maize and cassava seeds.



The Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) is engaged in a process of diversifying its production, reports the Technical Commission for the Rehabilitation of Public and Parastatal Enterprises (CTR). In addition to the production of bananas, rubber and oil, the public company is planning to start growing and processing cassava. In this context, it has signed a partnership contract with Irad in January 2021 and the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture of Cameroon (IITA-Cameroon) in January 2022. In addition, discussions are underway with the Cameroon Seedling Company, a subsidiary of Tree Global Inc, for the industrial production of palm, rubber, cocoa, maize and cassava seeds.

These projects are being initiated at a time when the state-owned company is going through a difficult situation since the security crisis in the North-West and South-West regions, which has paralysed its activities. For the fifth consecutive year, CDC is in the red with a negative net result of 4.5 billion in 2021. Staff costs are estimated at 16.1 billion by 31 December 2021. Moreover, the social climate within the company is deteriorating due to 28 months of salary arrears, i.e. 26.2 billion unpaid by 31 December 2021.

Despite this worrying financial situation, CDC has honoured some of its financial commitments to its partners. “Thus, there was a decrease in financial debts (-18.62%) following the decrease in loans and debts with credit institutions; advances received and blocked current accounts, respectively by (22%) and (15%). With regard to tax debts, there was a 37% drop due to the fall in the item State, taxes on profits (-78%),” reveals the CTR.

However, thanks to the means deployed by the State to ensure the security of its facilities, the CDC recorded in 2021 a production of 6,468 tonnes of rubber, up 43.51%, 10,496 tonnes of palm oil, up 23.69%, and 16,619 tonnes of bananas, up 169% compared to the 2020 fiscal year.

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