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Cameroon: CDC Workers Calls Off Strike

cdc management
Franklin Ngoni Njie, CDC GM

After a meeting held with management, a group of workers of the Development Corporation, CDC who had threatened to go on strike by May 15, should they not receive their wages recently called off strike action.

The meeting held on April 29th 2022, where workers channeled their petition to the general manager in the presence of the Director of  Human resources and the Industrial relations Officer. Resulting from said planned strike action slayed for May 15,due to 27 months of irregulary salary payment.

In a press release issued May 6th, the General Manager Franklin Ngoni stated that ; ‘‘On April 27th , the Management of Cameroon Development Corporation CDC, was drawn to two letters, one addressed to the Governor, South West Region and the other to the General Manager of CDC, that were floating on social media platforms from ‘Coalition of Workers’ bearing notification of a strike action if noth- ing is done to pay accrued wages/salaries by 15th May 2022”.

More over, Trade union leaders distance selves from purported strike  “It was established that no group officially exists as ‘Coalition of Workers’ and the nine persons who wrote and signed the letters are not elected Staff Representatives. However, six out of the nine signa- tories were identified as CDC work- ers and thus invited for a meeting in the General Manager’s Office on Friday April 29,2022.Only f0ur out of six workers responded to the invitation” Franklin Njie added.

According to the press release, during the meeting , the general manager informed the workers that the managment is exploiting all avenues to esure that salaries are paid regularly. He emphasised that it is absolutely necessary for workers to return to work for corporation to produce, sell and generate revenue necessary to salvage the present predicament.

Mangement also explained they are concerned about workers security on on the plantation and so are investi ng a whole lot to ensure they are safe.

The meeting seemed fruitful for the time being as workers left happy hoping for concrete results and promised to regain work effectively.

The Guardian post reports that leaders of trade unions have distanced themselves from the purported strike. They penned the national president of Cameroon Agricultural and Allied Workers Trade Unions CAAWOTU, Gabriel Mbene Vefonge, said ” At the CDC, we have five legally recpognised trade unions that took part in the last social elections on Octiber 27th ,2021 organised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. We do not recognise any group of persons or workers who call themselves Coalition or Workers,CAAWOTU.”

It was also disclosed the strike action which as planned was literally out of place and not in accordance with the trade union, provided in October 2021, they had settled all pending issues during a meeting with Prime Minister Chief Joseph Dion Ngute. Following this meeting, a commission was put in place to creat solutions to the workers problems.


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