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Cameroon Celebrates Olympic Week 

It was during a press conference that Colonel Ahmed Kalkaba Malboum, President of the National Olympic and Sports Committee of Cameroon presented the highlights of this feast.

This year, the Olympic Week will revolve around four main points which are, move, learn, discover and togetherness for a better world. Points that goes in line with the theme of to this year’s edition , “together for a peaceful world”. Prior to this celebration, the Cameroon National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSC) plans to organize a series of activities in synergy with the Pierre de Coubertin National Committee. 
The groups targeted by the CNOSC are young people aged 3 to 12. It will be a question of maintaining the latter around the Olympic values. A choice which can be explained by the need for young people to initiate themselves as early as possible in the Olympic values ​​of friendship, fraternity, peace, respect and excellence.
The CNOSC wants to take advantage of this opportunity to introduce the basic rules of badminton, judo and archery.
In addition, the rosary of Olympic Week will also unfold around an online conference which will be organized on June 23 with the theme, ‘planning to develop: the problems and challenges of the development of sport’.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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