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Cameroon: CERAC kicks off 2020 plan of action

The newly appointed members of the Cercle of friends of Cameroon were installed on Friday January 4 in Yaounde in a ceremony chaired by the Coordinator Dr. Mrs Grace Dion Ngute.

It Was exactly 4pm when Dr Mrs Grace Dion Ngute arrived the boukarou of the CERAC headquarters in Yaounde to the cheer of all members both national and diplomatic.

After the reading of the texts appointing the various members on December 17, 2019 by the founding President Mrs Chantal Biya, the coordinator proceeded to install those who have benefitted from the First Lady’s trust.

Thus, special advisers, heads of cabinets, vice Presidents, honorary members, assistant general coordinators, commission members, heads of regional delegations and others were installed.

Commissioning the newly appointed members into their functions, Dr. Mrs Grace Dion Ngute called on them to committed and desrving of the trust of CERAC’s founding President, the First Lady Mrs Chantal Biya.

Dr. Mrs Grace Dion Ngute called on all members to be united in their sisterhood and project the work of the humanitarian organisation toall corners of the country as earmarked by the First Lady.

She called on them to be ambassadors of peace and friendship as prescribed by Mrs Chantal Biya.

« Do evrything possible to continue to be deserving of the great trust that our founding president has placed in you. The keywords for success are enthusiasm, availability, self sacrifice, competence, the spirit of openess, collaboration and team work, » Dr Mrs Dion Ngute told the newly appointed executive as she installed them.

The CERAC women in one voice appeealed for peace to reign in the South West, North West and Far North Regions of Cameroon so that Cameroonian in that part of the country can serenely join hands with their brothers and sisters to help in nation building.

The installation of the new executive bureau marks the effective start of CERAC’s plan of action for 2020.

Published on 28.04.2020

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