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Cameroon-Chad electricity project scrutiny starts today

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Cameroon’s Ministry of Environment, Wildlife Conservation and Sustainable Development, has announced the holding of public hearings to assess the environmental and social impact of the electricity interconnection project between Cameroon and Chad.

The hearings is set to begin today, November 6 and run till November 11.

According to the Ministry officials, the hearings are aimed at “seeking public consent in the project”, to be held in eight Far-North regions bordering Chad.

Funders of the project like the African Development Fund (ADF) and the African Development Bank Group, describe the project as an energy exchange scheme and one of the most important infrastructure to be set up for energy exchanges within the region.

The project includes the section Ngaoundere-Maroua (Cameroon)-N’Djamena (Chad) of some 700 kilometers, as well as the Maroua (Cameroon)-Mogrom-N’Djamena (Chad) section covering some 250 kilometers, and the rural electrification component along the corridors of the transmission lines.

It also includes the rehabilitation of the Lagdo hydroelectric power plant, and the construction of the Bini hydroelectric power station at Warak (Cameroon), plus the construction of high voltage transmission lines and the related works.


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