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Cameroon: Charges against detained Kamto finally revealed

Charges have finally been brought before the leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Maurice Kamto who was arrested and detained by security forces on Monday.

Maurice Kamto who is being held at the ‘Groupement Spécial d’Opération’ was finally interrogated on Wednesday January 30 after which charges were brought against him.

According to a group of lawyers who have constituted themselves up for his defense, Maurice Kamto is being charged with hostility against the Fatherland, insurrection, group rebellion, public disorder, conspiracy, incitement to insurrection, complicity and illegal groupings.

Police officers attempted to interrogate him on Tuesday but he resisteed insisting only to speak in the presence of his lawyers and that was possible on Wednesay when he was granted access to them, a source said.

His detention can be extended until Friday when he will be brought before a judge to either be charged or completely acquitted and freed.

His lawyers briefed the press in Yaounde on Wednesday where they described Kamto’s arrest and detention and illegal and political and vowed to “continue the fight”.


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