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Cameroon: Cholera Death Toll Rises to 200

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Since ending 2021, 200 people have died out of a total of 10,322 confirmed cases, announced the Minister of Public Health, Manaouda Malachie, in a tweet on Thursday 4 August 2022.


A previous report on 20 July  showed 9,970 cases with 197 deaths, while 8,810 cases were confirmed a month ago, including 164 deaths. The disease is active in five of the country’s ten regions, according to the Ministry of Public Health. These are the Center, East, Littoral, West and South West. Cameroon has been facing a new outbreak of cholera since 21 October 2021. The government assures that the health response mechanism was “immediately” set in motion as soon as the first cases were reported in the Littoral and South West regions, the most affected.

The government, in a multidisciplinary approach, has taken a series of actions to prevent and combat cholera, reduce mortality and protect the population and health personnel against this disease,” said Manaouda Malachie during a press briefing on 7 April. These actions include surveillance, improvement of water supply, sanitation and hygiene, development of living spaces, social mobilization, treatment of the disease and administration of the oral cholera vaccine.

Despite the response, the number of cases and deaths continues to rise, as efforts are hampered by upstream constraints related to the quality of hygiene and limited access to safe water and sanitation. The government plans to organise further vaccination campaigns to try to contain the epidemic. The authorities are also stressing the need to observe hygiene measures.

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