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Cameroon: Cholera resurfaces in Littoral region

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Health officials in Cameroon have confirmed a new outbreak of cholera in the Wouri Divion of the Littoral region of Cameroon following the detection of some infected persons in some localities of the region.

According to reports, at the beginning of the month, two cases were detected at the Nylon Health District in Douala III, meanwhile seven other cases were detected in between the 14 to the 15 of January 2020 in Cap and Manoka in Douala VI.

In order to help fight against its spread very common during the dry season, the Governor of the Littoral region, Samuel Dieudonne Ivaha Diboua issued a communique wherein he cautioned the population of the region on the dangers the dry season poses with the risk of cholera.

In the communique, Governor Dieudonne Ivaha Diboua details a series of preventive measures to avoid the cholera and stay safe.

The Littoral region is witnessing this new cholera outbreak after another outbreak was signalled in the Bakassi peninsular in the Southwest region of Cameroon last December 2019.

Published on 28.04.2020

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