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Cameroon: Christians celebrate Presbyterian Church day amidst crisis in NW,SW

Rev. Emmanuel Massok, Secretary of the East Mungo Presbytery (c)All rights reserved

Unlike previous celebrations, this year’s Presbyterian Church day was moment of reflection on the crisis in Cameroon’s North West and South West regions which has affected most church activities.

In Presbyterian Church Bastos, the 61st edition of PC Day was commemorated with a call for Christians to mediate and meditate on the crisis which has rendered most Presbyterian schools and hospitals in regions paralysed.

According to Rev. Massock Emmanuel Bassam, PC day is a day of self-introspection. He urge Christians to keep praying for peace so that things can return back to normal in the regions.

Most Christians who spoke to say they are celebrating this year’s PC day with mixed feelings given that their brothers and sisters in the North West and South West regions are living in Misery.

As part of activities to mark the anniversary, the Presbyterian church is poised on distribution food and technical assistance items to some internally displaced persons who have registered with the church.

Published on 28.04.2020

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