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Cameroon: Cinema producers strive to regulate sector

Major stakeholders in the cinema sector in Cameroon have resolved to put mechanisms in place that will better regulate the sector and help export Cameroonian movies abroad.

During a press conference last weekend in Douala, three main film actors and producers in Cameroon; Ebenezer Kepomnbia aka Mitoumba, Jean De Dieu Tchegnebe aka Man No Lap and Jean Roke Patoundem discussed the various challenges faced by the sector and how Cameroonian movies and television series can better be exported on the international market.

To better provide solutions to the numerous problems faced by the sector, the three producers agreed to the creation of the National Syndicate of producers and exporters of television series.

According to them, the trade union will objectively regulate the production, distribution and exportation of television series, create a synergy between producers and consumers of television series.

They equally hope the trade union will be able to defend the interest of movie producers and better help in negotiating deals between the producers, exporters and local and international media channels that desire to acquire such products.

“We have taken time to observe how things are being done elsewhere before coming up with such initiative. After a long period of reflection, we believe this is the right time to legally and administratively organize the sector,” Jean De Dieu Tchegnebe said.

On his part,  Jean Roke Patoundem said the move falls in line with government’s drive to better regulate the cultural sector in Cameroon and hoped all those involved in the sector will buy into their idea.

Published on 10.02.2021

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