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Cameroon: Civil society organisation wants govt to increase 2021 health budget

A group of civil society organizations have come together to lobby and advocate the increase of the budget allocated for health by 15 percent.

According to the civil society organizations, the government of Cameroon accords a greater importance to the health of its citizens, reason why a significant percentage of the budget has always been allocated to health but they will want this stepped up especially in a period marked by the outbreak of the COVID-19.

To attain this objective, the CSOs are targeting other stakeholders, notably members of parliaments and opinion leaders to see how they can push through the idea in parliament.

Meeting the press in Yaounde recently, they unveiled the motive for their collective action and pleaded with other stakeholders to join their initiative.

“The purpose of this meeting is to draw the attention of public authorities to the fact that malaria, HIV, AIDS and tuberculosis, which are diseases like any other that wreak havoc in our societies, should be given due attention,” Olivia Ngou, Executive Director of Impact Santé Afrique, one of the brains behind the initiative said.

“It is therefore important for authorities, parliamentarians and ministers to mobilize this November during the parliamentary session so that there is a strong increase in the national budget of the state allocated to health in order to be able to boost our health system.

According to statistics presented by the CSOs, by the end of 2019, malaria only represented 20% of consultations in hospitals, 2.6 million confirmed cases, 4,510 deaths reported in health facilities, 89 deaths reported among pregnant women. On the other hand, 24,582 cases of tuberculosis of all forms were detected in all the screening centers of the country; that is to say 63 new cases detected per day. Among the total number of cases, 1273 children were detected; 3 new cases per day.

All these statistics do not take into account the COVID-19 which the CSOs has posed a challenge to the health care system and fear the attention it has pulled might increase the number of the other diseases.

Published on 28.04.2020

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