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Cameroon closes northern border to block influx of CAR refugees

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The government of Cameroon has shut its North-eastern border in a bid to prevent refugees from the Central African Republic from entering its territory, the Cameroon News Agency has reported.

Jean Edi Abate, Governor of Cameroon’s North region, according to the report, said the border was closed because of fears that rebels from the Central African Republic may infiltrate groups of refugees and find their way onto Cameroonian soil. Refugees fleeing the war-torn country are said to be stuck along the border.

Though Cameroon is stepping up security and blocking the refugees from entering its border towns of Touboro, Mbai-boum and Tchollire, Jena Benoit Boumtap, Mayor and Divisional Officer of Ngaoundaye, in the CAR was permitted to run across the border and settle in the town of Touboro, North of Cameroon.

It should be recalled that the fighting between the anti-Balaka and Ex-Seleka rebels in the CAR has not only resulted in an influx of hundreds of refugees, but also led to repeated kidnap of Cameroonians along the border.

Published on 28.04.2020

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