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Cameroon : CNPS Boss Reveals Amount to be Paid for Domestic Staff

domestic worker
Domestic worker

Speaking on the airwaves of the state-owned radio station on September 19th, 2022, Alain Noël Olivier Mekulu Mvondo, revealed that the amount of the social contribution to be paid each month by users of domestic staff is set at 7,000 FCFA.


This lump sum, which according to the  NSIF boss is not a lot of money’, should ensure social security coverage for domestic workers, most of whom are not registered and are therefore unknown to the public pension fund. In order to reverse this trend, the NSIF is announcing controls and adjustments after September.

The NSIF estimates that since the announcement of this collection operation on 9 September, more than 780 employers have declared and registered their domestic staff.

According to the organisation, registration and payment of social contributions is a legal, social and moral obligation towards these modest employees.  It should be recalled that the NSIF announced a few days ago that it was going to launch an operation for the forced collection of social contributions from domestic workers. The aim is to get employers of domestic workers to register their staff with the NSIF and to pay their social security contributions on a monthly basis.

The NSIF even promises “consequent adjustments, in strict and rigorous application of all the measures provided by the texts in force”. “This is not money thrown away. We have a recovery strategy that I will not reveal here. But we are going to make sure that from October onward, at least those in charge, someone who occupies a high position in the public administration or in a company, who has a salary sometimes amounting to several hundred thousand francs, or even millions, can still pay 10,000 FCFA francs in social contributions for their staff,” the GM said.

Published on 03.01.2023

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