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Cameroon: Co-accused in embezzzlement case against ex finance minister dies in court

A co accused of former Finance Minister Essimi Menye collapsed and died at the Special Criminal Court on Thursday January 17 after suffering from a heart attack.

François Tchakoui, proprietor of the Challenger Corporation audit firm had left his Kondengui prison cell for the court that day where hearings in the matter between him and the state of Cameroon had to continue.

But he would collapse in court and later give up the ghost before he could arrive the hospital, a source at the court confirmed.

He was accused of illegally receiving about Two billion Francs CFA payments after his firm carried out an audit ordered by then Minister of Finance Lazare Essimi Menye (2007-2011). However, no signature authentified the payment which the state of Cameroon.

Preliminary investigations were opened in 2013 against Lazare Esssimi Menye for embezzlement of public funds while François Tchakoui was accused of complicity in the embezzlement of public funds.

Before the case could open in May 2018, Lazare Essimi Menye had since gone on exile leaving behind his co-accused who has been shuttling between his prison cell and the Special Criminal Court.



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