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Cameroon Commits To Facilitate Students’ Professional Integration

It is a pan-African approach carried out by the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie. The program of the National Student-Entrepreneur Status was presented on Friday 3 February at the National Centre for the Supervision of the Interconnection Network and the Development of the Digital University.



On the front of the fight against youth unemployment, the Minister of Higher Education, the Minister of Employment and Vocational Training, and the Rector of the AUF. They have one objective, to tackle unemployment as much as possible.

It is all about allowing students to easily insert themselves into the professional world. Aware that not everyone aspires to public service, the private sector is a godsend not to be neglected.

AUF Regional Director for Central Africa, Aïssatou SY-WONYU, explains the concept

It is for this reason that Minister Famé Ndongo signed a collaboration with the AUF on 13 January on the national student entrepreneur status

In other words, as the rector of the AUF explains, it aims at providing students with complementary skills. Skills are sought after in companies and are not always included in the teaching modules. But also, to expose the student to the business world enough for them to interact with the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

AUF Regional Director for Central Africa, Aïssatou SY-WONYU, explains project underway

It is in this vein that Cameroonian universities are opening their doors to companies to provide professional guidance to students for the introduction of “coaches” to students. This will be articulated around four poles, namely, consulting, complementary training, professional certification, and pre-incubation.


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