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Cameroon: “Consider the Nera 10 as dead”- Wilfred Tassang

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One of the detained members of the famous Nera 10 Ambazonia separatist leaders, Deacon Wilfred Tassang has called on group leaders of the Ambazonia revolution to unite and negotiate for their independence.

In a letter addressed to separatist leaders, Deacon Tassang invites Ambazonians to negotiate with the government as if they the Nera 10 imprisoned in Yaounde were dead.

“In the event where Yaounde decides to hold us as hostages in a bid to weaken the hands of the free leadership around the negotiation table, my appeal to Ambazonia’s negotiation party is this: consider the Nera10 as dead. Negotiate as though you were seeking retribution for the more than 30,000 wasted Amba souls. Go for La Republique’s balls (excuse my French)…” part of the letter reads.

Deacon Tassang further appeals to the now leaders of the “struggle” to unite themselves and remain focus on their primary objective, the independence of the Southern Cameroons.

“Our leaders must unite… our leaders cannot afford to continue this journey in disarray. No. I, therefore, call on the Ambazonian people to mount ever more pressure on the free leadership… Without exception, unite. Make our imprisonment, our displacements, and our wilderness experience easier by uniting your feeble bands.”

Published on 03.01.2023

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