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Cameroon: Constitutional Council dismisses SDF petitions on cancellation of Legislative rerun in Anglophone regions

Members of Cameroon's Constitutional Council (c) copyright

The Constitutional Council has ruled against all twelve petitions tabled by the Social Democratic Front party, SDF calling for the total cancellation of the partial Legislative rerun of last March 22 in eleven Constituencies of the North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

The verdict was pronounced this afternoon by the President of the Constitutional Council, Justice Clement Atangana after a hearing that was reportedly boycotted by SDF petitioners and their lawyers.

The Council argued that all twelve petitions are unfounded as none of them proved how the irregularities encountered had any impact on the outcome of the election.

The Social Democratic Front party had petitioned the Constitutional Council to cancel Sunday March 22 partial Legislative rerun in some Constituencies in the North West and Lebialem in the South West regions on grounds the elections management body, Elecam moved some polling stations without the knowledge of the voters.

Following today’s ruling, the Constitutional Council is now set to proclaim the results of the partial Parliamentary election rerun of last March 22 in some constituencies of the North West and South West region with their parliamentarians to fill the thirteen seats left at the National Assembly.


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