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Cameroon: Coronavirus fight, Five months on!

One day after the first case of COVID-19 was declared in Cameroon (c) copyright

Five months into the Coronavirus pandemic, Cameroon has recorded seventeen thousand, five hundred and eighty-six confirmed cases, among which almost sixteen thousand have been declared healed and three hundred and ninety-three died.

Today Thursday August 6 marks exactly five months since Cameroon declared its first Coronavirus case in Yaounde, political capital.

Few days after, the Government announced some measures including the closure of borders, schools and other community restrictions to curb the spread of the virus.

That notwithstanding, the Coronavirus spread to all ten regions, with the Centre being the most hard-hit followed by the Littoral region.

As months went by, the country moved from the first stage of the pandemic, recording imported cases to the second stage, local transmission and then the third one that has to do with inter-community transmission.

The Government embarked on a number of actions to check the spread of the pandemic in the country, including the setting up of a special COVID-19 fund managed by the Ministry of Public Health, through which Cameroonians, foreign national companies and diplomatic missions contributed to improve the country’s response to the virus.

The Government equally set up Coronavirus screening centres and Coronavirus specialized care centres to better fight the pandemic.

Screening campaigns were equally organised in Douala and Yaounde to test the population and immediately attend to the positive cases.

As at today, figures communicated by the Ministry of health show that the transmission of the virus has relatively dropped as Cameroon left from hundreds of cases recorded in a day to less than five hundred cases recorded in a week.

The mortality rate has equally dropped, meanwhile the rate of recoveries keeps increasing.

Figures communicated by the Ministry of health this Thursday August 6 indicate that the country stands at seventeen thousand, five hundred and eighty-six confirmed cases, among which fifteen thousand, nine hundred and ninety-six were successfully treated and three hundred and ninety-three died.

Four patients are reported to be under oxygen, giving a national recovery rate of 90.95%.

Though the country appears to be gradually getting rid of Coronavirus infections, the population have been called upon not to stop observing anti-COVID-19 barrier measures especially the wearing of facemasks in public places, this as prevention remains the best cure.


Published on 28.04.2020

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