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Cameroon: “Coronavirus has been conquered” -Archbishop Samuel Kleda

Mgr Samuel Kleda, Archbishop of Douala Metropolitan Archdiocese (c) copyright

The Archbishop of the Douala Metropolitan Archdiocese, Mgr Samuel Kleda has declared the deadly Coronavirus pandemic conquered in Cameroon thanks to his herbal treatment “Les huilles Essentielles” that is reported to have cured thousands of COVID-19 patients.

Mgr Samuel Kleda made the declaration Tuesday August 4 in Douala, Littoral region of Cameroon.

Speaking to media men and women, the prelate said if we organise ourselves, no more Cameroonian will die from the pandemic thanks to his efficient herbal cure, “Les Huilles Essentielles”.

According to his statistics, close to ten thousand Coronavirus patients recovered after receiving the treatment meanwhile he adds that none have died.

Mgr Samuel Kleda advanced that cases of infections have relatively dropped owing to the fact that the usual affluence in Catholic Hospitals has reduced.

Nonetheless, he has encouraged Cameroonians not to stop respecting anti-Coronavirus measures prescribed by the Government and the World Health Organization especially with the imminent reopening of borders.


Published on 28.04.2020

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