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Cameroon: Coronavirus scare forces schools to tighten barrier measures

Following the recent wave of COVID-19 infections across the country, education officials have been taking necessary measures to keep the academic milieu safe from the pandemic.

By the end of last week, the Minister of Public Health, Dr Malachie Manaouda sounded the alarm bells by releasing the latest figures which showed a rise in the number of positive cases as well as deaths and bed occupancy rate.

Equally, authorities were forced to shut the doors of a school in the Douala V municipality last week after at least ten positive cases were recorded.

All these have put various stakeholders on alert as they take the necessary measures to keep schools in their areas safe.

It is the case in the North West Region where the Regional Delegate of Secondary Education, Roland Ngwang Yuven has called on all stakeholders to step up the fight following the resurgence of the pandemic in the region.

According to Roland Ngwang, the Region is witnessing community transmission and the education sector is not spared.

“The most disturbing issue about this transmission is that most of our teachers and children are already infected. Incidentally, infected children hardly present any symptoms but are potentially passing the infections to their parents and teachers who are vulnerable and may have pre-existing conditions,” he said.

He has thus called on all school heads to step up the implementation of barrier measures in their institutions, ensure that all COVID materials supplied and offered to their schools as well as school funds allocated for the purpose are transparently and exclusively used to combat the pandemic.

School heads in the North West Region have equally been called upon to massively collaborate with health authorities to ease access to schools in order to systematically trace and test contacts of positive cases.

Similar directives were given to schools in the West Region by the Regional Delegate for Secondary Education in that part of the country who has stressed on the regular disinfection of classrooms, the compulsory wearing of face masks by both teachers and students, respect of the number students per class as well as the strict implementation of the two-shift system.

The Delegate warned surprised visits will be carried out in schools in the weeks ahead and those flaunting COVID-19 barrier measures will be severely punished.

Published on 10.02.2021

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