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Cameroon: Coronavirus vaccination to begin in restive Anglophone region

The vaccination exercise against the COVID-19 will soon kick off in the crisis-hit North West Region of Cameroon, local authorities have confirm.

The exercise is said to start after public health officials in the region received the Sinopharm vaccine on Thursday, April 14 in Bamenda.

Shorttly after receiving the consignment of vaccines, the three selected vaccination sites in Bamenda were taken over by health workers to receive their first doses.
The North West region has 23 vaccination sites spread across 20 health districts as the vaccines are expected to be dispatched there progressively.
The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has doubled the burden on the population of the North West Region who have been battling for survival for the past four years since a bloody conflict broke out in the Anglophone regions between separatist fighters and soldiers.
In several localities in the North West Region, access to health care still remains very difficult as a result of regular clashes with warring factions which has made movement very difficult.
However, authorities at the North West Regional Delegation of Public Health have reassured the vaccines will be made available to the selected sites.

Published on 10.02.2021

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