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Cameroon/Coronavirus: Yaounde I University suspends lecture-hall teachings

Entrance to Rectorate of University of Yaounde I (c) copyright

The Rector of the University of Yaounde I, Prof Maurice Aurelien Sosso has announced the partial suspension of physical attendance to lessons in some amphitheatres including 1001, 1002, 1003, 702, 700, 501, 502, 300, 250 and 200 to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic amongst students.

This measure is the outcome of a meeting the rector held on Campus yesterday March 16 with his close collaborators, including the Vice Rector, the Secretary General, the Technical Adviser, Directors of Central and Devolve services to name but these ones.

The aim of the meeting was to come up with a measure to combat Coronavirus which according to the World Health Organisation spreads easily when many people are gathered together.

As such, Prof Aurelien Sosso and his collaborators decided on the suspension of physical attendance to lessons in amphitheatres taking up to one hundred and fifty students from March 17 to April 13, 2020, indicating the period could be extended if necessary.

This will follow the creation of a platform at the Information and Technology University Centre that will enable lecturers to put their courses online and give access to these courses to students.

In order to ease the learning process, the school administration equally decided on the putting in place of virtual amphitheatres.

As far as observing the recommended hygiene rules is concerned, the administration will put in place a device for the washing of hands on campus and sensitize students on the need to avoid body contacts as much as possible.




Published on 10.02.2021

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