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Cameroon: Coton Sport President resigns

Oumarou Sanda Hamasselbe, resigned president of Coton Sport Garoua ©All rights reserved

Oumarou Sanda Hamasselbe, has resign as President of the Cameroon football club dubbed Coton Sport of Garoua.

Hamasselbe announced his resignation on November 13 after spending less than two months as President of the club.  He was appointed to the position during a general meeting of September 22, 2017, replacing Gabriel Mbairobe, whose supporters had claimed victory.

In his announcement, Oumarou Sanda Hamasselbe asserts to have made this decision for personal motives. However, some media reports opine that his resignation is due to tensions with the general management of Sodecoton and particularly with its managing director, Mohamadou Bayero.

It should be noted that at the end of the footballs season, Coton Sport did not fulfil any of its objectives, both internationally and nationally. In the African champion’s league, the Garoua club obtain the last position in the pool phase, with zero points on the clock. The sports squad finished second in the Cameroon cup championship, and was eliminated from Championship by Ums of Loum, including a defeat recorded in it’s own home base facility, Roumde Adja.

According to the statutes of the club, the agents of Sodecoton are expected to take charge of the daily management of the club. This body, the statues indicate, will be in charge of appointing the members of the Coton Sport office, as well as the next president of the board of directors.

Since Hamasselbe announced his resignation, many supporters have carried out wide demonstrations in front of public buildings, demanding his return as head of the club.


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