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Cameroon: Couple Arrested and Whipped For Stealing Goats

The husband and his two wives were caught on July 1st in the village of Babouantou, in the Haut-Nkam division of the West region.

It is not the polygamous regime that makes this household special. It is different from the others because of the activity the couple excels in: stealing. Indeed, the husband and his two wives are known in their village Babouantou, in the West region, to be sensitive to the presence of Goats. True to their practice of flight, they are said to have been seduced by the beasts of an inhabitant which they began to steal. And it was the latter who alerted the rest of the village.
He says the scene took place during the evening while he was resting at home. It is the sounds of his goats that wake him up. Worried to hear their incessant bleating, he goes behind his house. Once there, he sees a gang of three people untying his goats. It was then that he decided to follow them. On the way, he is quick to alert the village. The villagers go out and decide to inflict mob justice on the criminals using whips. But the latter oppose and maintain that they have done nothing wrong. They explain that it was the goats which, according to them, seeming to have no owner, began to follow them.
Far from being satisfied with this justification, the villagers decided to whip them before handing them over to the police enforcement and security forces.

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