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Cameroon: Court slams one year sentence to labourers for insulting President Biya, Ministers

Clement Bonda and his friends slammed one year jail term for insulting Government (c) copyright
Three workers of the Plantation du haut penja PHP, one arrested for denouncing in vulgar language the alleged embezzlement of COVID-19 funds by President Paul Biya and his Government in a video that went viral and the two others for filming have been slammed a one year jail sentenced.


The verdict was handed down by the Court of First Instance of Mbanga, in the Moungo Division of the Littoral region Thursday June 17.

Three of them are accused of having insulted the Head of State and his Government.

In effect, in a video that went viral some few days ago, Clement Dtembe Bonda was seen accusing the Ministers of President Paul Biya of having embezzled the money allocated for the country’s response against the deadly Coronavirus pandemic at the expense of the sufferings of the masses.

He added that they workers at the PHP earn FCFA 30,000 and have no advantage, not even that of going back home with one banana at the end of work each day.

He was later on arrested on June 12 alongside his friends who took the video while he was talking and detained at the Mbanga principle prison.

Following this arrest, a group of persons who described themselves as activists stormed the Cameroonian Embassy in Belgium early Monday, June 14, destroying several items, requesting for the release of the three young men by the Government of Cameroon.

In a video that went viral yesterday, a Cameroonian citizen in the diaspora is seen ransacking the banana section in a super market in Europe, indicating the fruits come from Cameroonian plantations where the rights of workers are violated.

Published on 10.02.2021

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