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Cameroon: Court throws out Habeas Corpus for Wazizi

The Fako High Court in the South West region of Cameroon has thrown out the Habeas Corpus filed by late pidgin newscaster Samuel Wazizi’s lawyer, demanding his corpse on the basis that it is no longer within its jurisdiction.

The decision was passed out this Tuesday by the President of the Fako High Court during late Samuel Wazizi’s hearing.

Prior to today’s hearing, his lawyers, Bar Emmanuel Nkea and Edward Ewule filed a habeas corpus demanding the body of the late pidgin newscaster who according to the Government died on the 17th of August from severe sepsis.

The habeas corpus was thrown out by the Fako High Court which according to reports stated that Samuel Wazizi’s file is no longer within its Jurisdiction, consequently such decision cannot be taken by her.

Reports from Buea say the lawyers have promised to seize the court once more in the days ahead.

Samuel Wazizi was arrested beginning August 2019 and detained incommunicado before news of his death due to torture under police custody emerged last week.

After national and international pressure on the Gov’t to issue a statement on the pidgin newscaster’s situation, the Ministry of Defence admitted he died since August 2019 but refuted claims of torture.

Since then, colleagues and right groups have been pressing for an independent enquiry commission to be set up to shed light on the circumstances that led to his death.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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